We aim to add value to your company with Financial Process Management trainings in order to establish the most appropriate process management models by evaluating the tax and structural risks that your company may face with the structuring of the organization chart between Ar-Ge and Design Centers, Engineering Structure, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and Bordering units within the scope of the legislative provisions and supervision of implementation principles.

Our Training Topics;

  • Assessment of expenditures made within the scope of R & D or Design Activities and determination of discounts within the framework of legislation
  • Financial Tables Regulation and Firm Appraisal of Tax Applications
  • Cost Accounting R & D Project Management
  • Accounting Management Processes
  • Activation Principles of Projects
  • Assessment of Additional Performance Criteria and Analysis of Additional R & D Discount
  • Order Based R & D Management
  • Assessment of donation returns in the form of a grant, Tax Management Accounting, Declaration and Implementation Principles
  • Customs Tax Exemption Applications (Single Window System)
  • Application of Grants for Basic Science Graduates
  • Establishing an Activity Report
  • Evaluation of Special Issues in the Scope of Law No: 5746
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