The Turkish Commercial Code in our country underwent an important revision in 2012. The taxation diversity of the current tax system is one of the most important issues in terms of the company's future and management structure, in which legal entities and investors will decide which legal entity and type of company they will establish.

According to the type of business the entrepreneurs want to do, we aim to find out what kind of partnership structure should be, the tax structure of the sector, the structure of the company capital, the type of company and to have benefit in the process of establishing  the company's policies.

According to the Ministry of Customs and Trade in our country, among the most preferred types of companies are Private Companies, Limited Companies and Joint Stock Companies.

İnovasyon Financial Consultancy has services as following:

  • Establishment Procedures for Domestic and Foreign Companies
  • Liaison Office Application and establishment procedures
  • Branch establishment and registration procedures
  • Company Main Contract Amendment, Address Change, Genre Change, Share Transfer

In Conpany Establishment Service there are;

  1. Checking the appropriateness of your company's title to the public authorities,
  2. Preparation of your main contracts in accordance with the principles and procedures of the Turkish Commercial Code,
  3. Preparing the required documents of the shareholders with foreign capital
  4. Preparation of notary documents and certification procedures,
  5. Application and follow-up of your Trade Registry and Ad Transaction
  6. Making legal declarations and applications to your affiliated institutions such as Tax Office, Social Security Institution, Ministry of Economy, Technocity etc.
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