Innovations, amendments and judicial decisions in the tax law, trade law and labor law legislation which are being implemented in our country are among the important issues to be carefully evaluated and applied correctly in terms of every sector. The Company Authorities are obliged to comply with and enforce this legal obligation ordered by the legislator in their activities.

Inovasyon Financial Consultancy is a consultancy company which serves the customers in determining the tax policies of the companies and the needs in the company law, evaluating and directing the legal structure of the used human resources.

Tax Law Counseling

  • Determination of sectoral tax responsibilities
  • In-house tax policy determination and consultancy
  • Assessment of tax risks and consultancy Support and consultancy on tax inspection, dispute and reconciliation issues,
  • The assessment of tax incentives and the legal aspects of criminal sanctions

Commercial Law Consultancy

  • Company establishment and main contract operations,
  • Company General Assembly meeting procedures
  • Board of Directors and Board of Directors decisions and counseling
  • Registration and consultancy of branch establishment, liaison office legislation
  • Invoices, commercial contracts, legal advice on trade receivables and debts,
  • Company type change operations

Business Law Consultancy

  • Preparation of personnel contracts or control of existing contracts
  • Calculation of personnel material rights within the law and preparation of legal documents
  • Counseling in case of disputes with staff
  • Support and counseling for mediation, reconciliation and labor courts
  • Examinations and consultancy of compulsory personality files prepared in accordance with the Labor Code
  • Counseling on working procedures and principles in the context of labor law
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