While companies focus on R & D work, they aim to innovate with all other units integrated with R & D in the company's own structure and to create a structure in which innovations that add value are developed, and innovation can be transformed into culture within the company, and business models are important contributors in achieving the targeted success.

Inovasyon Financial Consultancy aims to measure the effectiveness of the project and determine the mathematical benefits in the framework of the application of the legislation within the scope of implementation and audit provisions in the evaluation of all elements of the incentives currently in force by the law no. 5746 in the construction of financial, financial and tax dynamics of R & D and Design Centers. solution-oriented service. While evaluating the commercial advantages of R & D and Design Centers, financial structures can be part of a sustainable value chain with high added value, which is due to the proper evaluation of engineering works and project outputs.

The organization of the organization chart between the R & D and Design Centers, Engineering Structure, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and Bordering units is structured within the scope of the legislative provisions and the creation of the most accurate process management models by evaluating the tax and structural risks that your company may encounter with the audit of the application principles.

Our R&D and Design Center Services are:

  • Full time equvalent calculatıons
  • R & D and Design Personnel Qualification
  • Checking Outside Time Declarations
  • Application Principles of Encouragement and Support Provided to the Personnel (Payroll Calculation)
  • Assessment of expenditures made within the scope of R & D or Design Activities and determination of discounts within the framework of legislation
  • Financial Tables Regulation and Firm Appraisal of Tax Applications
  • Cost Accounting R & D Project Management
  • Accounting Management Processes
  • Activation Principles of Projects
  • Assessment of Additional Performance Criteria and Analysis of Additional R & D Discount
  • Order Based R & D Management
  • Assessment of donation returns in the form of a grant, Tax Management Accounting, Declaration and Implementation Principles
  • Customs Tax Exemption Application (Single Window System)
  • Application of Grants for Basic Science Graduates
  • Establishing an Activity Report
  • Support for Financial Technological Infrastructure Studies
  • Financial Process Management Awareness Training and Workshop
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