Technology Development Zones were established in order to create joint and sustainable technology-based initiatives and projects in the framework of university and industry cooperation in our country.

Company R & D, design and operations software is actually a period of over 30 years are continuing in Technopark located in many provinces of Turkey.

If your business has R & D, Design and Software in its activities and you are not yet active in Technoparks or if you are a potential entrepreneur who wants to evaluate this area, it will be useful to examine the tax and other major advantages of technoparks in terms of the future and sustainability of your business.

Inovasyon Financial Consultancy serves on principle that can adapt the experiences gained from Teknopark firms with its competent staff to its customers.

In every aspect of our services we offer solutions focused on sustainable and growth-oriented consulting and develop financial structures that can benefit our customers at the maximum level.

Within our Teknopark Financial Consultancy services, there are;

  • Preparation of financial infrastructure of your projects
  • Technocity Manager Company procedure management,
  • Offering advantages specific to your sector such as Technopolis New Company or Branch Establishment and constructing correct structure,
  • Simulated Financial Benefit Report and directing decision-making processes of Company Managers before Investment,
  • Administrative Company applications and technical legislation consultancy,
  • Selection of project personnel and adaptations according to legislation,
  • The technical organization for the acquisition of personnel and tax incentives to the company,
  • Technopark Finance and Tax Consultancy,
  • Making legal accounting records in accordance with technopark legislation
  • Preparation of technopark staff bills and utilization incentives
  • Incentive and Financial Reporting in Technopark Specific
  • Preparation of the financial sub-structure of the Projects which are non-financial
  • Order R & D and Software Projects contract, billing, consulting,
  • The obligatory declarations and reports to be made to the Technopark Executives Company and the official institutions,
  • Establishment of technical and financial infrastructure for transit between technoparks
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